When Bralettes first became a thing, it was a sad time for our big busted girls. When I first started Cherry Mama my main goal was to find bralettes that fitted big busted girls because it sucked that we had to miss out. This particular bralette has become a favourite amongst our customers so lets talk about it!!

BRA: Gossard Superboost Bralette 

SIZES: 10-16, DD-H


Size Disclaimer: Ive had a lot of questions about this particular issue. If you find this bralette on any other Australian website, you'll see that they only have it up to a G cup. However, Gossard's sizing is a little different to conventional sizing and their UK G cup is an AU H cup. Yes it fits like a true H cup. No it is not a G cup disguised as a H cup. I wish I could understand why  their sizing works like this but hey, it means we get the bralette in a bigger size. And no I cannot understand why no other company has figured this out yet...




Bralettes don't usually have cups and wires built into them. The beauty of this bralette is that it looks like a bralette but has all the support of a normal bra in your size. This is my favourite feature because it means you can wear it out with the girls looking nice and perky and supported. It is soft so its super comfterable too. 


We love this feature in the bralette because it gives our boobs that oomph! The side sling helps to push our boobs up and out to look more perky…Let's just say this bra goes so well for a DATE night. 
Finding a deep V plunge bra in such a casual style bra up to a H cup is rare, so the fact that Gossard has pulled it off is amazing. The underwire and style of the triangle cups holds your breasts in place so their not falling into the middle like it would in a normal bralette. Gossard have really thought about the style and conventionality of this bra and its obvious. 
 As mentioned above in our little sizing disclaimer, this does go up to an actual H cup. I usually wear a 8H and sized down to a 8G instead. The bralette gives your breasts a very natural and relaxed look and if you want to wear it out in public with a little extra oomph in the breast, you could size down like I have. Its a fairly stretchy material so sizing down didn't mean my breasts were falling out or bulging. Please keep in mind everyone is different !
The back of this bralette is so gorgeous. Ive never been able to find anything like this before as a big busted woman. Sheer back with a Lace triangle back. It's defiantly very very comfortable with these features. However again this isn't meant to give you 100% support like a normal bra.
So this bralette leaves the back looking so sexy and fastens at the front! What i dislike about this is that it is a little tricky to do up especially when you've got massive boobs fighting you! However it pays off because it looks really sexy. 


 If your interested in giving this stunner a try, click here!

September 12, 2019 — Lisa Simpson
TIPS : Get rid of bloating & Prevent it

TIPS : Get rid of bloating & Prevent it

We all get bloated, whether its after a weekend of carb filled indulgences or its that time of the month. Here are some things you can do to make yourself feel a little less huge and uncomfortable & prevent the bloat!


  1. Peppermint Tea

Did you know Peppermint oil is actually used in de bloat tablets ? Peppermint relaxes the gut and relieves abdominal pain, bloating and other digestive symptoms. Have a cup of hot peppermint tea when your bloated, or just make it a go to before bed every night!


  1. Avoid eating huge salty and carb heavy meals

Its Saturday night and your about to go out for a drink and perhaps a big juicy burger. Whatever the meal is, try to limit your portions on meals that are high in carbs ! This will help you to feel a bit less uncomfortable in the moment and will save you the morning bloat that comes with carb heavy meals. 


  1. Drink plenty of water!

Usually when we bloat on our periods (or youve had a salty meal), its because our body is retaining water. To help your body flush out the water, drink enough water during the day and make sure you get in some exercise to sweat out!


  1. Avoid fizzy drinks

Not only is soft drinks full of sugar and bad for your health, the bubbles in them contain carbon dioxide and when we drink the beverage, were swallowing a lot of air. This can make you feel super bloated. Try replacing soft drinks for juices or better yet, water. 


August 06, 2019 — Alison Younis
3 Essential Oils for Anxiety, Bloating & Energy!

3 Essential Oils for Anxiety, Bloating & Energy!

3 Oils you need to battle anxiety, get rid of bloating & boost your energy!
Natural oils are natures gift to us. Its 2019 and its time to step away from the chemical cocktail that’s labelled moisturiser and move towards better natural options that actually benefit you!
We have 3 specific oils that we swear by! They can be used for so many things and you will get no ugly side effects from any chemical its the cheaper better option..
  1. LAVENDER OIL ( relaxation) 
If you’ve ever had trouble with anxiety, relaxing or sleeping..Lavender Oil is your go to. A study found that the scent of lavender increased the slow- wave sleep ( deep sleep) , particularly in women. Personally, I have a lavender oil diluted spray that i use on my pillow before I sleep & it really helps! Otherwise rub a bit of diluted lavender oil on your temples before you sleep to relax you and help with better sleep. 
  1. FRANKINCENSE OIL ( boost immune system) 
Many essential oils have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties that help to boost your immune system and fight infections. The chemical substances found in the oils, such as terpenes, esters, phenolics, ethers and ketones, have the potential to fight foreign pathogens that can threaten your health! Our favourite is Frankincense oil which also demonstrates anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-tutor effects when tested in lab studies & on animals! This oil has major immune-enhancing abilities. 
  1. PEPPERMINT OIL ( bloating & Energy boost)
Bloating is so real whether its that time of the month or you’ve just been eating too many carbs and not drinking enough water! peppermint oil is most famous for is de bloating properties. Peppermint tea, peppermint tablets or peppermint oil all help! 
As well as being super useful for bloating and even abdominal pains, a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that peppermint oil increased brain oxygen concentration, improved exercise performance and reduced exhaustion in healthy male athletes who consumed peppermint oil with water for 10 days.
June 23, 2019 — Alison Younis


So I really wanted to put this up as a blog post because I really absolutely love this strapless bra. I wear a 8H and its really hard to find any strapless bra that has the right technology and make to be able to hold my boobs up for more than 30 minutes. I did so much research when looking for the best strapless bra that fitted the most women for Cherry Mama and the Curvy Kate Luxe Bra came out onto every single time. 

TO TOP IT OFF, the range of sizes it comes with out does just about any and every strapless bra out there. 
Bra: Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra 
Colours: Black OR Biscotti
Size range we stock: 8-18/D-J Cup
    Let's talk technology and Features!
    1. 3 Part cup for super support.
    A lot of the time, strapless bras are made as a one part cup. However this one has 3 and it assures that your cups are super supportive, give you a nicer round shape and makes sure the cups don't collapse on you at the bottom like some bras do! This is what helps the bra be able to hold up to 5KGS!
    1. Inner Side Sling
    We love this feature in the strapless because it gives our boobs that oomph! The side sling helps to push our boobs up and out to look more perky…Let's just say this bra goes so well for a DATE night. 
    1. Soft Foam Padding
    Now I have gotten a lot of feedback on this aspect of the bra. When you have big boobs, I don't speak for all of you but sometimes we don't want them to look bigger than they already appear. The soft foam padding gives you NIPPLE coverage and support without the bulkiness of normal padding. 
    1. Satin material and Pinstripe!
    We know no one will see our strapless but the fact that it looks so stylish with the pinstripe pattern and it feels so soft an amazing with the satin finish is just a bonus. Who doesn’t feel good about not looking like a grandma in your bra?
    This cup does run slightly small! You may need to size up in the cup size especially if you have a full breast. I am a 8H and wear an 8HH for the perfect fit. However I do own two because the 8H gives me really superb cleavage which is rare with a strapless bra. 
    I would also like to reinforce something we always are open about and that is no 1 bra fits 100% of all our breast types! We all have very unique shapes and sizes and bras are defiantly not one make fits all. 
    SHOP the Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless bra here with afterpay + free returns and free shipping over $50 ( only this week!) 
    See me review & try on the Luxe Strapless & compare it to my old strapless!
    June 18, 2019 — Alison Younis


    Working a desk job is what most of us do or have tried at some point in our lives. Theres nothing worse then feeling bloated, lazy, tired, unmotivated and stiff from sitting down and staring at a computer all day. Not to mention that being sedentary is so so bad for our bodies and comes with a multitude of damages to your health and body. 

    Heres some tips & tricks to help you be more active around your workplace! 

    One hour sitting, 3-5 Minutes moving!

    You should not be sitting down in the same position for more than one hour. YES I said it. ONE FULL HOUR. When I use to work a 9-5, I would get up for a few minutes once an hour and just fill up my water bottle half way ( so I could go back again) or go to the bathroom, take a few mins outside for some fresh air or literally just stretch out at my desk. Weight gain to heart disease are just some of the impacts of sitting down 8 hours per day! 

    Get a standing desk!

    They say sitting is the new smoking. So I recommend investing in a standing desk or making the recommendation to your boss! Another alternative is sitting on a exercise ball.

    Take a stretch break

     Did you know stretching reduces stress and assures good posture during your day? Get on it sister. A few minutes before you sit down to work, in your lunch break and before you leave your work place!

    Shitty Posture!

    Slouching at your desk is the worst thing you can do. You’ll leave work with a horrible headache and a bad habit. Write a little note on your desk to remind yourself to fix your posture while your sitting every now and then. 

    Make up for it!

    Standing and moving at work or during study is not always an option. So if theres the possibility, try and walk to work or to the station. Get some exercise in during your lunch break or after work. Better yet, make your weekends full of activities and healthy eating. 

    June 18, 2019 — Alison Younis
    MIND, BODY & SOUL:  Detoxing your home

    MIND, BODY & SOUL: Detoxing your home

    To us, having a clean and minimalist lifestyle is everything. With the amount of chemicals in absolutely everything, you should be super aware and ready to get rid of anything in your home that’s toxic. Negative energy is a thing and it needs to not exist in your place of comfort and safety!
    Follow these simple beginner steps to detox your home!
    Start with your cleaning products: The list of chemicals that go into these are scary and we want to stop using toxic chemicals and boost our health. It might be easier to start with one type of product and slowly replace it with organic natural solutions. You can be really adventurous and make your own using ingredients such as vinegar or bi carb soda and even essential oils OR use more natural and organic brands such as ORGANIC, KOALA ECO or EARTH CHOICE .
    The average home contains 500-1000 chemicals many of which we are unable to see, smell or taste.
    No shoes in the house: Keeping your shoes outside keeps out 80% of the bacteria they bring in to your home.  This nasty stuff can include pesticides, road sealant and dust/dirt. We suggest keeping a pair of slides at your door so you can make a quick change when you step in!
    Let the air in: Open up those french windows and let in the aroma of fresh artisan pastry come in! Just kidding.. but seriously, indoor air can be five times as polluted as outdoor air! We recommend you invest in an air purifier and natural essential oils to fragrance your home. Each essential oil has its own healing and health benefits, and its much better to breathe in then toxic air freshener sprays. 
    Plastic needs to go: Alternatives!
    Its become well known that plastic is extremely bad for not only the environment but for our own health. When you use plastic to store your food and then heat it up, it can let out poisonous toxins such as Bisphenol-A. You know it as BPA. And although companies have made an effort to swap out BPA with other alternative chemicals, studies show that these chemicals can be just as harmful. I've gotten on to glass containers to store and heat my food and use other glass or stainless steel storage options for just about everything in my kitchen!
    Tip- If your a constantly drinking from plastic water bottles, you can check out Biome for non toxic, BPA free, quality water bottles to keep on the go with you and refill. 
    We hope you use these small steps to make a change for the better for your own health and the environment!
    June 11, 2019 — Alison Younis
    LETS TALK: Stupid shit people say about your boobs!

    LETS TALK: Stupid shit people say about your boobs!

    The stupidest things you’ve heard people say abut bras for big boobgs….
    Having big boobs is not a walk in the park…we come across a different set of issues every week whether it has to do with your clothes, the style of the bra, playing sport, swimming ….the list is endless. Now I know I'm not the only one who complains out loud some times and the remarks you get back are just absurd ! People with smaller busts, sales assistants, family members, friends or even MEN will make assumptions and provide solutions. And while I’m sure we all appreciate the help… the advise is absolutely bizarre and in my experience, these people will never accept that they are wrong! 
    This brings me to todays blog post….The most bizarre things Ive heard in my lifetime of having H cup boobs and owning a bra business. Prepare for a laugh sis. 
    "Just don’t wear a bra “
    Its actually a joke how many times I’ve heard this. Im starting to think people don’t understand the law of gravity to be honest. There is a huge difference between fake boobs and natural big boobs and while having large fake boobs means you can just about do anything without a bra and look fine, this is really not the case with natural boobs. I can’t just walk into a store and buy a backless top or dress without remembering, I can’t not wear a bra with this. Back it goes *sigh*
    And therefore: Big boobs + gravity does not = upright perky tiddies… 
    “Wow, you must be like a DD!”
    Everyone loves this guessing game..especially the guys. DD has long been the size that 90% of stores stop at. It's considered huge and thought to be the end of the sizing chart when it comes to bras and boobs. Now I don’t expect people to know the sizing spectrum of bras and be able to guess my size accurately. But 100% of the time, these comments come by surprise and unasked for and you start to feel weird and not normal when your actually a H cup but everyones acting like DD is f**king huge!
    “Trust me babe, the measuring tape says your an F cup”
    Getting fitted in bra stores is hopeless..Unless your getting fitted at Brava or Storm in a D cup or somewhere else that stocks big sizes and specialise in them, there’s no point. The last time I ever got fitted at a store *cough* bras n things *cough* I had finally had enough. The lady measured my bust to be a 10F. Now, let me just add, the reason I went to get properly fitted in the first place was because I was busting out of my 10F cups! I honestly laughed in her face.. what an absolute joke of an experience. Anyway so I let her do her thing and give me bras to try on. No surprise none fit and we ended up trying on the largest bra they had in a G cup which was literal beige material, thick thick straps, full coverage, no padded and embroidered florals… This still didn’t fit me and she looked like she wanted to laugh. I refused to take it even though I was desperate. If you have big boobs I think you can relate when I say sometimes bra shopping makes you want to burst out in to tears and wish you never had big boobs! So no babe, I don’t trust you and your measuring tape that doesn’t go past an F cup. 
    "You just need a padded bra, it gives you more support.”
    This one Ive heard way too many times. And the jokes on YOU! If you have smaller boobs, a padded bra might suit you gina. But the way bras are made in larger cup sizes..padded or non padded if its in the CORRECT SIZE will be just as supportive. 
    "Small bands and big busts aren’t a thing."
    Uhmm... Yes they are. PLUS size girls are not the only girls who have big boobs… And I'm not a violent person but you need a slap for saying that. 
    “Thats way too big, Im happy with mine”
    Yeah thanks, that was a major compliment..NOT. If your happy with yours, Im really honestly happy for you. But don’t insult someone else who has to live everyday with “way too big” boobs. 
    “Why would you want to make them look bigger”
    I get this a lot when I go out to events or even in general conversation talking about being able to find nicer bras. People , especially the older generation don’t seem to understand that just because their big, doesn’t mean they have to be put away and hidden in an old nana bra and oversized t shirt. I spent way too many years trying to cover them up with clothes too big. If you’ve got them, flaunt them. Having great cleavage makes you feel good! Having a nice supportive bra underneath that compliments the shape of your boobs for a particular outfit is even better. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you its “too much”. And as the great philosopher said, aka Drake, “ Your showing off, but its alright, this is your life” CAN I GET AN AMEN?
    If you have any wild stories or funny statements people have made about your boobs, comment down below …its nothing if not funny!
    May 30, 2019 — Alison Younis
    LETS TALK! Saggy Boobs

    LETS TALK! Saggy Boobs

    Saggy Boobs?

    There is no doubt that when your fuller busted, your boobs might not stay up the way you'd like them too. The reality is that big boobs drop because 1, gravity and 2, they are heavy! There have been soo many studies on this issue, trying to figure out the cause and ways to stop it from happening... They all contradict each other so here's what we have found and heres what WE THINK!

    1. ALWAYS wear a supportive bra!

    Some studies suggest that wearing a bra weakens the muscles that hold up our breasts and that if we do not wear bras, our boobs will be more perky. Although studies done on this don't represent the whole female population AND exempt 'overweight' women who were recommended to wear a bra.... Does this just imply that big heavy boobs (probably considered over weight back then) will not become more perky if we don't wear a bra?

    On the contrary...other studies show that wearing a supportive bra prevents our breasts from dropping as they are constantly being held up in a perky position.

    What do you think ?


    See I have a problem with this one too because studies out there show that saggy breasts = getting older. Now I'm 23 and my H CUP boobs defiantly DO NOT sit up to the gods. Wonder what they will look like when I'm 60 if I stopped wearing a bra..


    Finally one that makes sense! All women's breasts contain some fat tissue. If you gain a significant amount of weight, your breasts often get larger primarily due to an increase in fatty tissue and might sag a bit.

    On the other hand, if you lose a lot of weight, your breasts might decrease in size due to a decrease in the volume of breast fat. If the decrease in bust size is substantial, your breasts might sag due to both reduced volume and excess breast skin.


    Genetic traits like skin elasticity, tissue density, and breast size are real causes for our boobs not staying up right! Let me tell you, in my time of fitting girls, I have seen some very perky big breasts and some very not..ALL BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE!

    I guess it all depends on our genetic makeup.

    What we can conclude from this is that big boobs are heavy and they will drop a bit not just from the heaviness but from a multitude of factors as mentioned above. The best we can do for our bodies and our boobs is to wear supportive bras that make sure the girls are looking and feeling full, supported and perky! And while we can't change the fact that our boobs are real and heavy, I think we need to try and embrace that this is normal for so many of us and we need to learn to accept and love every inch of our bodies no matter what! It also helps that with the right range of lingerie and swimwear...we can look phenomenal in any outfit at any time..JUST SAYING.

    - Love yourself, because there is only one of you and life is too short to be critical!

    Lots of Love,

    Cherry Mama

    May 22, 2019 — Alison Younis
    LETS TALK! Padding vs Non Padding

    LETS TALK! Padding vs Non Padding


    Fact- Girls in Australia seem to have a phobia of non padded bras.

    Another Fact- Girls in UK & US LOVE non padded bras.

    *add your own use of scientific terminology.

    We seem to have this perception that non padded bras are grandma like, make our boobs pointy, deflate our chest, minimise us, and are just generally not attractive on anyone. I know I was guilty of this.

    One day, before all this, I was bra shopping and came across a Kayser bra that had no padding and was surprisingly nice. I couldn't even believe what I was seeing... Since then I haven't turned back.

    PS- the bras I lived off for a year..Granted they weren't the best quality or best fitting but It opened my eyes to a world of NON padded bras.

    Bras with no padding ( the good looking kind) can do wonders for big boobs.

    1. It doesn't over inflate your boobs!

    When you have big boobs, the last thing you need is for your chest to be pushed into your face. And generally, bras with padding usually do this.

    2. It is sexy!

    Padding is well...its padding. And when you're looking at a padded bra on or dare I say feeling it.... its just padding. A nice lacy bra with an inner sling will still push your boobs up, look more real & natural, delicate and sexy!

    3. People think if its sexy and lacy it isn't supportive!

    If your buying a proper brand that manufactures bras for big boobs, you can usually trust that they have double layered the lace/ mesh and used good quality materials for it to be very very supportive. And yes it is false, padded bras do not give you extra support. In fact, if you've got big boobs, it's likely it provides you with less support.

    4. Can be worn and shown unlike a padded bra.

    Don't get me wrong, a nice plain black bra is cute under a black sheer top, but a lacy black bra is more versatile with outfits and can do whatever the padded bra can do!

    5. NIPPLES!

    If you have big boobs and have an issue of nipples coming out to say hello every so often then I recommend going for moulded or soft foam cupped bras! They are close to no padding however have that extra layer of soft materials to help shape and hide any nipple slips. For the rest of it really so bad ?

    I hope by now I've helped push you towards trying a non padded bra at least once! Padded bras really shouldn't be worn if you have big boobs already unless you're trying to add a few sizes! If you want to move towards non padded but still want some cushion, try moulded or light foam padding!

    Cherry Mama x

    May 22, 2019 — Alison Younis
    LETS TALK! Bralettes for Big boobs

    LETS TALK! Bralettes for Big boobs

    Bralette Tings

    I know you've been everywhere trying to find a bralette that fits your boobs. You pick the largest possible size so it at least cover your nipples and disregard the back size because you just want it so bad....I know the feels.

    Since Cherry Mama has found bralettes that go up to a H cup, I thought what better idea than to let y'all know how to wear them and where to wear them. After all they are so versatile and our bralettes have the support of a normal bra so you won't be falling out hunny, trust me.

    Numero Uno: Do you really want to wear a tight supportive bra at home? Or something a bit more comfy (& Sexy).. Yeah I thought so.

    Get your pjs or some little shorts and T-shirt... This Bralette is the best for lounging around with the long mesh back for ultimate comfort.

    2. A Sexy Number..Go from lounging around in it, to adding some lacy black undies and a suspender. Make it a fun night in and if your a little insecure about a few extra kgs (easter eggs are my weakness too), this particular bralette is perfect as its stretchy and a little longer than usual.

    3. The outfit out you've aways wanted to wear.

    Pair a bralette with a leather jacket and some high waisted jeans or a skirt and your good for a night out on the town. Its 2019, go be EXTRA Girl..

    4. Under a Linen Shirt or a Sheer Top!

    Theres nothing nicer then seeing lace pop out from underneath your clothing. Bralettes are worn to be seen and they deserve all the publicity they can get! So pair it with an open button up shirt and some long necklaces for a relaxed weekend vibe.

    5. Girls Night In! Throw a knit on top and grab a bottle of bubbly and your most comfy boyfriend jeans. You're set to go! Its effortless and sleek.

    6. Are you a skirt and bralette kind of gal or a suit and bralette kind of gal?

    The outfit opportunities are endless if you ask me.

    7. Festival Activities.

    There is nothing out of bounds or not aloud in terms of outfits at festivals. Everyone expresses themselves to the fullest. If your like me, you've had trouble finding little crops or sports bras that held enough to actually wear them to a festival or concert but this is where the bralette comes in! Go crazy girl.

    8. With a tie up top!

    Nothing is cuter than a tie up top with a lacey bralette underneath. Go for the super boost black lace bralette for a night time look or the white Soiree Lace for a cute day time outfit.

    9. Business Sheek.

    Wearing a Bralette with Business pants and a blazer looks super sheek and very fashionable. It adds a very feminine touch to your outfit. Get ready to smash meetings & interviews. Excuse me, BOSS LADY COMIG THROUGH.

    10. The 10th way is to use your imagination! The versatility of bralettes are endless and timeless. You'll always be wanting to buy something low cut, sheer or open but can't until you try a bralette. They are worn to be seen without the 'taboo' of wearing an actual bra in public. They are bras that look like tops and I guarantee you will wear it at least once a week if not for the comfort in your own home. Its underwired and supportive, stretchy and comfy. Its a wardrobe staple really. Now that they are available for us big boob girls, lets indulge in having what we never could before.

    If after reading this your feeling like you should own your big boobs, then click the picture of the bralette you like the most and the rest is history!

    Lots of love,

    Cherry Mama

    May 22, 2019 — Alison Younis