To us, having a clean and minimalist lifestyle is everything. With the amount of chemicals in absolutely everything, you should be super aware and ready to get rid of anything in your home that’s toxic. Negative energy is a thing and it needs to not exist in your place of comfort and safety!
Follow these simple beginner steps to detox your home!
Start with your cleaning products: The list of chemicals that go into these are scary and we want to stop using toxic chemicals and boost our health. It might be easier to start with one type of product and slowly replace it with organic natural solutions. You can be really adventurous and make your own using ingredients such as vinegar or bi carb soda and even essential oils OR use more natural and organic brands such as ORGANIC, KOALA ECO or EARTH CHOICE .
The average home contains 500-1000 chemicals many of which we are unable to see, smell or taste.
No shoes in the house: Keeping your shoes outside keeps out 80% of the bacteria they bring in to your home.  This nasty stuff can include pesticides, road sealant and dust/dirt. We suggest keeping a pair of slides at your door so you can make a quick change when you step in!
Let the air in: Open up those french windows and let in the aroma of fresh artisan pastry come in! Just kidding.. but seriously, indoor air can be five times as polluted as outdoor air! We recommend you invest in an air purifier and natural essential oils to fragrance your home. Each essential oil has its own healing and health benefits, and its much better to breathe in then toxic air freshener sprays. 
Plastic needs to go: Alternatives!
Its become well known that plastic is extremely bad for not only the environment but for our own health. When you use plastic to store your food and then heat it up, it can let out poisonous toxins such as Bisphenol-A. You know it as BPA. And although companies have made an effort to swap out BPA with other alternative chemicals, studies show that these chemicals can be just as harmful. I've gotten on to glass containers to store and heat my food and use other glass or stainless steel storage options for just about everything in my kitchen!
Tip- If your a constantly drinking from plastic water bottles, you can check out Biome for non toxic, BPA free, quality water bottles to keep on the go with you and refill. 
We hope you use these small steps to make a change for the better for your own health and the environment!
June 11, 2019 — Alison Younis


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