Fact- Girls in Australia seem to have a phobia of non padded bras.

Another Fact- Girls in UK & US LOVE non padded bras.

*add your own use of scientific terminology.

We seem to have this perception that non padded bras are grandma like, make our boobs pointy, deflate our chest, minimise us, and are just generally not attractive on anyone. I know I was guilty of this.

One day, before all this, I was bra shopping and came across a Kayser bra that had no padding and was surprisingly nice. I couldn't even believe what I was seeing... Since then I haven't turned back.

PS- the bras I lived off for a year..Granted they weren't the best quality or best fitting but It opened my eyes to a world of NON padded bras.

Bras with no padding ( the good looking kind) can do wonders for big boobs.

1. It doesn't over inflate your boobs!

When you have big boobs, the last thing you need is for your chest to be pushed into your face. And generally, bras with padding usually do this.

2. It is sexy!

Padding is well...its padding. And when you're looking at a padded bra on or dare I say feeling it.... its just padding. A nice lacy bra with an inner sling will still push your boobs up, look more real & natural, delicate and sexy!

3. People think if its sexy and lacy it isn't supportive!

If your buying a proper brand that manufactures bras for big boobs, you can usually trust that they have double layered the lace/ mesh and used good quality materials for it to be very very supportive. And yes it is false, padded bras do not give you extra support. In fact, if you've got big boobs, it's likely it provides you with less support.

4. Can be worn and shown unlike a padded bra.

Don't get me wrong, a nice plain black bra is cute under a black sheer top, but a lacy black bra is more versatile with outfits and can do whatever the padded bra can do!


If you have big boobs and have an issue of nipples coming out to say hello every so often then I recommend going for moulded or soft foam cupped bras! They are close to no padding however have that extra layer of soft materials to help shape and hide any nipple slips. For the rest of it really so bad ?

I hope by now I've helped push you towards trying a non padded bra at least once! Padded bras really shouldn't be worn if you have big boobs already unless you're trying to add a few sizes! If you want to move towards non padded but still want some cushion, try moulded or light foam padding!

Cherry Mama x

May 22, 2019 — Alison Younis


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