Saggy Boobs?

There is no doubt that when your fuller busted, your boobs might not stay up the way you'd like them too. The reality is that big boobs drop because 1, gravity and 2, they are heavy! There have been soo many studies on this issue, trying to figure out the cause and ways to stop it from happening... They all contradict each other so here's what we have found and heres what WE THINK!

1. ALWAYS wear a supportive bra!

Some studies suggest that wearing a bra weakens the muscles that hold up our breasts and that if we do not wear bras, our boobs will be more perky. Although studies done on this don't represent the whole female population AND exempt 'overweight' women who were recommended to wear a bra.... Does this just imply that big heavy boobs (probably considered over weight back then) will not become more perky if we don't wear a bra?

On the contrary...other studies show that wearing a supportive bra prevents our breasts from dropping as they are constantly being held up in a perky position.

What do you think ?


See I have a problem with this one too because studies out there show that saggy breasts = getting older. Now I'm 23 and my H CUP boobs defiantly DO NOT sit up to the gods. Wonder what they will look like when I'm 60 if I stopped wearing a bra..


Finally one that makes sense! All women's breasts contain some fat tissue. If you gain a significant amount of weight, your breasts often get larger primarily due to an increase in fatty tissue and might sag a bit.

On the other hand, if you lose a lot of weight, your breasts might decrease in size due to a decrease in the volume of breast fat. If the decrease in bust size is substantial, your breasts might sag due to both reduced volume and excess breast skin.


Genetic traits like skin elasticity, tissue density, and breast size are real causes for our boobs not staying up right! Let me tell you, in my time of fitting girls, I have seen some very perky big breasts and some very not..ALL BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE!

I guess it all depends on our genetic makeup.

What we can conclude from this is that big boobs are heavy and they will drop a bit not just from the heaviness but from a multitude of factors as mentioned above. The best we can do for our bodies and our boobs is to wear supportive bras that make sure the girls are looking and feeling full, supported and perky! And while we can't change the fact that our boobs are real and heavy, I think we need to try and embrace that this is normal for so many of us and we need to learn to accept and love every inch of our bodies no matter what! It also helps that with the right range of lingerie and swimwear...we can look phenomenal in any outfit at any time..JUST SAYING.

- Love yourself, because there is only one of you and life is too short to be critical!

Lots of Love,

Cherry Mama

May 22, 2019 — Alison Younis


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