So I really wanted to put this up as a blog post because I really absolutely love this strapless bra. I wear a 8H and its really hard to find any strapless bra that has the right technology and make to be able to hold my boobs up for more than 30 minutes. I did so much research when looking for the best strapless bra that fitted the most women for Cherry Mama and the Curvy Kate Luxe Bra came out onto every single time. 

TO TOP IT OFF, the range of sizes it comes with out does just about any and every strapless bra out there. 
Bra: Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra 
Colours: Black OR Biscotti
Size range we stock: 8-18/D-J Cup
    Let's talk technology and Features!
    1. 3 Part cup for super support.
    A lot of the time, strapless bras are made as a one part cup. However this one has 3 and it assures that your cups are super supportive, give you a nicer round shape and makes sure the cups don't collapse on you at the bottom like some bras do! This is what helps the bra be able to hold up to 5KGS!
    1. Inner Side Sling
    We love this feature in the strapless because it gives our boobs that oomph! The side sling helps to push our boobs up and out to look more perky…Let's just say this bra goes so well for a DATE night. 
    1. Soft Foam Padding
    Now I have gotten a lot of feedback on this aspect of the bra. When you have big boobs, I don't speak for all of you but sometimes we don't want them to look bigger than they already appear. The soft foam padding gives you NIPPLE coverage and support without the bulkiness of normal padding. 
    1. Satin material and Pinstripe!
    We know no one will see our strapless but the fact that it looks so stylish with the pinstripe pattern and it feels so soft an amazing with the satin finish is just a bonus. Who doesn’t feel good about not looking like a grandma in your bra?
    This cup does run slightly small! You may need to size up in the cup size especially if you have a full breast. I am a 8H and wear an 8HH for the perfect fit. However I do own two because the 8H gives me really superb cleavage which is rare with a strapless bra. 
    I would also like to reinforce something we always are open about and that is no 1 bra fits 100% of all our breast types! We all have very unique shapes and sizes and bras are defiantly not one make fits all. 
    SHOP the Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless bra here with afterpay + free returns and free shipping over $50 ( only this week!) 
    See me review & try on the Luxe Strapless & compare it to my old strapless!


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