Working a desk job is what most of us do or have tried at some point in our lives. Theres nothing worse then feeling bloated, lazy, tired, unmotivated and stiff from sitting down and staring at a computer all day. Not to mention that being sedentary is so so bad for our bodies and comes with a multitude of damages to your health and body. 

Heres some tips & tricks to help you be more active around your workplace! 

One hour sitting, 3-5 Minutes moving!

You should not be sitting down in the same position for more than one hour. YES I said it. ONE FULL HOUR. When I use to work a 9-5, I would get up for a few minutes once an hour and just fill up my water bottle half way ( so I could go back again) or go to the bathroom, take a few mins outside for some fresh air or literally just stretch out at my desk. Weight gain to heart disease are just some of the impacts of sitting down 8 hours per day! 

Get a standing desk!

They say sitting is the new smoking. So I recommend investing in a standing desk or making the recommendation to your boss! Another alternative is sitting on a exercise ball.

Take a stretch break

 Did you know stretching reduces stress and assures good posture during your day? Get on it sister. A few minutes before you sit down to work, in your lunch break and before you leave your work place!

Shitty Posture!

Slouching at your desk is the worst thing you can do. You’ll leave work with a horrible headache and a bad habit. Write a little note on your desk to remind yourself to fix your posture while your sitting every now and then. 

Make up for it!

Standing and moving at work or during study is not always an option. So if theres the possibility, try and walk to work or to the station. Get some exercise in during your lunch break or after work. Better yet, make your weekends full of activities and healthy eating. 

June 18, 2019 — Alison Younis


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